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I sometimes wonder if the aroma from the kitchen could be transformed into a picture, then it would be one amongst the world’s most marvelous pictures.

The Oxford Dictionary’s definition of cooking is “the process of preparing food.”
I think “cooking is an art as well as science.” Art because every hand that cooks has a different taste. Science because there is a combination of different ingredients to create a fantastic chemistry.

Why do we cook? We cook to feed a hungry stomach. So in a way all those who cook for themselves and for others are doing a work of God.

Cooking not only converts raw ingredients into eatables. It teaches us many lesson of life.Just by observing the process of cooking we can learn many things about the journey of life.

Cooking teaches us patience. There are some recipes which take a lot of preparation time but they are very delicious. It’s an example of the saying ” Patience is bitter, but the fruit is sweet.”
Cooking teaches us the importance of hard work. The more we knead the dough , the better would be your bread, chapati, cookies etc.
Some delicacies are fried on medium heat whereas some are fried on high heat (for the risk of soaking more oil). Cooking teaches us that different approach has to be adopted for different situations in life. Different achievements require different efforts.
If we put ginger in milk (which is not sufficiently hot), the milk will curdle. We put cardamom powder in desserts in the end in order to maintain its fragrance and taste. Likewise there is a time for everything. Things done before or after the suitable time may not yield the desired results.
The more you boil tea, or any curry; the better it tastes. Similarly we need to work very hard to get the perfect results. It does not come in easy.
If oil is not hot enough, mustard seeds will not temper properly and we will not get that wonderful taste. Likewise putting in lesser efforts cannot give us what we want.
Every spice has its individuality , it’s aroma. When we mix spices together we get most wonderful flavours. This is what Team Work is. This is what Family is. Different people, different thoughts, different ideas. When we co-operate with each other our teams work with efficiency , our families come closer and our houses become homes.

Cooking is also good for health. For every one hour of cooking and food preparation anywhere between 100-160 calories (approx.) depending on the level of activity while cooking. Cooking gives good exercise to our arms, shoulders, back and hands.

Those who don’t love cooking; well! at some point in time you might have to cook. So better start enjoying it or at least hate it less. It will make life easier.

For those who love cooking, it is not just making something to eat. It is much more than that. It’s passion, it’s a stress buster. It’s peace of mind. It’s love.lovecooking

0 thoughts on “For the Love of Cooking”

Akhila · August 27, 2016 at 8:35 am

Prajakta…nice post..
i do cook.. but I dont think that i’m so passionate on cooking.. reading your post, i feel like you are enjoying the cooking

    Prajakta · August 28, 2016 at 6:51 am

    Yes Akhila, I really love cooking and I think that is why I could write this article 😊

      Akhila · August 28, 2016 at 7:58 am

      true..your passion is evident there in the cook more and write more..

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