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Tell me something about Yourself

If I were to ask, what is the most clichéd and frequently asked question in all interviews, the answer would be “Tell me something about yourself”. This question can also be considered a polite way to start any conversation. But, I have always wondered if anyone has actually given a Read more…


क्या खोया है क्या पाया है

क्या खोया है क्या पाया है यह सोच के क्या हासिल आया है जो खोया है वह भी पाया था जो पाया है वह शायद खो देंगे जप पाया था वह प्यारा था जब खो दिया तोह क्यों खटकने लगा बीते हुए केवल अच्छे पालो की यादे संजोना क्यों नही Read more…


The Welcome World for Writers

I have always regarded writers very highly. They are like royalty for me. When ever I think of a writer I have images of huge villas with antique studies, grand libraries, hand-made journals and ink pens . This is of course the influence of English Classics. I have always been Read more…