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writerI have always regarded writers very highly. They are like royalty for me. When ever I think of a writer I have images of huge villas with antique studies, grand libraries, hand-made journals and ink pens . This is of course the influence of English Classics.
I have always been in awe of writers for their profound knowledge on  topics, their imagination, the depth of their thoughts, their way of expression, their observation eye.. and the list is countless.

Because of the intense lure for being one, I started writing. It felt great when I wrote something for the first time. Even the thought of writing something new was like an adrenaline rush throughout my body. I wanted to write about this and that but never had enough words or proper structure to do that.

Writing is not that tough, but only under certain circumstances. For majority of the people writing is a very emotional process. Writing is the picturization of life. It’s a passion, that kind of puts life into perspective. It has a soothing effect on the mind. It is a way to let out your anxiety. It is highly driven by emotions. Whenever we feel strongly for something and there is a compelling need to express; thoughts just flow like a river and they need to be documented. What we write at that moment usually turns out to be very good; at least it does for me. Try this sometime. Mostly you will be surprised at yourself.

Becoming a writer is not a cakewalk either. One requires imagination, experience, knowledge, vocabulary, command on language, keen observation of things and surroundings, research etc. One needs to read a lot in order to become a writer. The more one reads the more one understands the art of putting one’s thoughts in the desired manner. I think reading is very necessary for accumulation of ideas.

Writer is not only a person who has published a book or has a job writing articles in a newspaper or magazine. Now a days you write on any topic that comes to your mind and if you are good, you have the honour to refer yourself as a writer.Now a days there is a plethora of options for amateurs and wanna be writers. There are even a lot of free creative writing courses. Internet is a boon for writers now.There are blogs . Then there are also various websites where people can post their write ups and seek suggestions.The casual nature of writing is like an encouragementto write and to keep writing.Now even if we write on technical topics we are writers. That is just so good. One need not be a philosopher and thinker to become a writer. Just writing about the stuff one does or knows can make one a writer.The world of writing is now warmly welcoming. It waits with its arms wide open for anybody and everybody who wants to write about anything and everything.

You start a blog, you enroll on any of the sites for writers. It gives that push and encouragement to continue. When you see people taking interest in your creations,
taking out time to read them and give feedback, it feels really good. The pursuit to write becomes intense and important every passing day with these modern platforms.It’s just like the social media for writers. The more likes you get on your compositions, the more followers you get; the better you feel. Such platforms make you want to improve yourself, improvise and take your skill to a higher level. Even if there are not many followers; going after a hobby, a passion inculcates a sense of pride and self-importance. This is necessary in every individual’s life.

There are many bloggers,freelancers, amateur writers who first started writing just for the love of it. Gradually they started getting good at their work and even started earning. The best part is you don’t need any type of training these days to become a writer. If you know how to write in a flow, have good topics appealing to the crowd; sooner or later people will be reading what you write.

Blogging/ freelance writing/ content writing have become a source of income for many. Publishing a book is no more a specificity for earning money.Now a days many writing competitions are also available online. Many magazines, newspapers and journals invite articles from new writers. Everybody in the writing word is looking for new things, new knowledge, new experiences everyday. Hence, the opportunities for us writers are manifold.

We can just continue our Zeal for writing, focus on these available avenues. And who knows.. may be one day.. something great might come from us.writer

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Rashmi · August 25, 2016 at 8:58 am

nice post Prajakta.. you are absolutely right but I want to say that unless anyone has the passion and dedication for writing, he/she cannot be successful. Another important thing is that one should take criticism positively and try to improve one’s writing skills..

    Prajakta · August 25, 2016 at 10:47 am

    yes passion and dedication is first and foremost. everything else is secondary

Prajakta · August 28, 2016 at 3:00 pm

Thanks Rashmi and Falak for liking my post 🙂

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