The World of Books

Short Story #1

Priya reached early to the airport to receive her husband. While waiting for the flight’s arrival she started thinking about her life, her marriage and her kids. She saw that people had started coming out and knew that her husband’s flight had landed. She started searching for her husband in Read more…


Can't Stop Loving You

It does not matter whether we are together or apart Because your memories will always fill my heart The more you try to get away from me The more I find myself close to you Because I just can’t stop loving you Those wonderful moments that we spent together Are Read more…


My idea of Socializing

Human being is a social animal and socialization is a very important process in his life. Some people like to socialize in big groups and some in smaller circles. My idea of socializing is not just talking or meeting people. It’s about spending quality time with them. Instead of going Read more…