(Last Updated On: September 9, 2016)


You sleep at night with the hope that the bad dream will have gone by tomorrow
But when you wake up the next morning, the reality strikes in the face
There is no good change
And life seems to be going on at the same old pace
But just don’t stop there yet

Sometimes after hours, days, weeks, months and years of hard work and struggle
There are still no results
Then there is this moment of self-doubt
When you feel your soul shatter and your strength die out
But just don’t stop there yet

Think of the horizon
What appears to be the end is a whole new beginning
So gather yourself again
And resume the battle to achieve your dreams
And just don’t stop there yet

This happens all the time in life
When you show the courage to pursue your dreams and bring them to life
Struggle is a part and parcel of the process
Patience and perseverance is what gives solace
So just don’t stop there yet

When you feel that you have lost the battle
That is the time to gather all your strength and work still harder
Failure is not a reason to let go of your dreams
But it is the time to bounce back with umpteen efforts
So just don’t stop there yet

Problems and failures provide you opportunities
And are platforms to learn new possibilities
Any amount of learning will never go waste
You will be surprised to see how it comes handy in haste
So just don’t stop there yet

After slogging for what may seem like ages
And overcoming hurdles that seem endless
The success that is achieved is simply divine
And the happiness that follows is boundless
So just don’t stop there yet

Failure is never an enemy though it is not desired ideally
If your path has a few unsuccessful attempts
And you overcome them and proceed on the path you’ve laid for yourself
You would enjoy your success in its fullness
Because you just didn’t stop there.

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