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We all use the term metabolism a lot in our everyday conversations. We usually associate metabolism to the process of digestion of food. But metabolism is not only restricted to that. It is basically how our whole body functions.

Metabolism is a set of physical and chemical changes that provide adequate energy for life processes. Metabolism also allows body to grow and function. Metabolism begins from absorption of all the nutrients through the process of digestion from the food that we eat.

Metabolism has three basic units:

1. Amino acids – Obtained from proteins 

2. Glucose- obtained from carbohydrates

3. Fatty Acids and Glycerols – Obtained from fats.

The enzymes and hormones convert the food that we eat into these basic units
And hence, eating a balanced diet is important.

Metabolism has the following processes:

1. Digestion of food and breaking it into the above mentioned units.

2. Blood circulation for transporting the components to the body cells for further processes.

3. Elimination of the waste from the body

4. Regulation of body heat.

Metabolic disorders are caused due to scarcity or abundance or malfunction of enzymes and hormones that are responsible for chemical reactions of metabolism. This can lead to disorders which hinder the regular body functions and/or produce toxins in the body. Some of the common metabolic disorders are- Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Diabetes, Obesity.

Hence, it becomes very important to maintain a healthy metabolism. Some ways to maintain a healthy metabolism are:

1. Drinking adequate amount of water.

2. Eating a balanced diet.

3. Eating breakfast regularly.

4.Eating a high protein diet (around 20-35% calories should come from protein).

5. Eating at regular intervals and not staying hungry for too long.

6. Exercising regularly.

7. Doing activities throughout the day and not sitting for too long.

8. Avoiding alcohol or reducing excess alcohol intake.

9. Reducing stress levels.

10. Avoiding processed foods.

11. Avoiding crash diets.

It was something I knew about this vast topic.

I hope you enjoyed reading the information.

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ramblings of the mind · September 27, 2016 at 12:05 pm

Would be nice if you could add few info like how to boost metabolism, proper diet plan for bachelors

Ashik T M · September 27, 2016 at 4:58 pm

Thanks for lighting up with knowledge☺

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