(Last Updated On: September 10, 2016)

Recently back from a vacation; I was dreading going back to my routine again. But when I actually got back to it, it gave be a different kind of peace and satisfaction which is hard to explain. I was enjoying, having fun. I was seeing places, meeting new people, enjoying different food. Life was like a party everyday in my vacation. There was neither any tension nor any worry. Still I felt something was missing. It was after coming home and getting back to my regular life, I realised that the yearning was for a place called home and a thing called routine.

This got me thinking , why do we have weekend blues or vacation blues. Why is it that when we are back from vacation or a holiday we have the following thoughts in
our mind:
1. Why does this vacation has to end?
2. Why do I have to go to office tomorrow?
3. Why can’t I have one more day at leisure ?
4. Why is it the same stupid things everyday?
5. Why can’t I do something exciting everyday?

Why don’t we welcome our routines heartily ever. Some changes here and there, some enjoyment, entertainment, leisure, vacations,holidays, free time are always welcomed
with open arms. Then why not our routine. Had it not been for our routine would we ever be able to enjoy the weekends or our vacations.

Our routine is the only thing that gives stability to the ever-changing process called life. We just wave off our routine thinking that it’s the same old thing everyday. But what we fail to see is that it is those same old things that give us assurance, that define our lives and us. We fail to realise the warmth of falling back into our regular lives after some break.

Wouldn’t we be lost everyday about how to spend the day had it not been for our routines. I think our daily routines are highly under-rated. Whenever we are asked the question “What’s up these days?” ; we give the response ” Nothing much/ nothing different/ just the routine.” But come to think of it, it is our routines that give direction to our lives. It is what we do for most of our life. Some people have a supposedly happening life and some have a supposedly boring life. All the excitement in life is attributed to our routine. But is one’s life really happening/ boring because of the routine or we just think so. If we start loving our routine then our life will be just as exciting everyday.

Of course I am not belittling the importance of the short breaks we require from our strenuous routines to rejuvenate ourselves. I am just emphasising on the point of giving
more importance and credit to the daily routines we have.

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