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Switzerland as we all know is blessed with natural beauty. Other assets for the travellers is the size of the country and it’s rail system. it is possible to stay in a particular city for your entire stay and do day trips to all the destinations on your list. The frequency of trains is also very good and the whole country is very well-connected.

So, while planning a trip to Switzerland, one thing that should be kept in mind is a Swiss Pass. With a Swiss (Travel ) Pass, transportation costs get reduced to quite an extent.

But before going for the pass it’s always better to do a calculation. If your stay is just 1-2 days and you are travelling only within a single city, then it might be not beneficial to take a Swiss Pass. But for a longer stay with many destinations, Swiss pass is always advisable.

The swiss travel pass can be issued for 3,4,8 or 15 days. With the Swiss Travel Pass you have access to all the trains, trams, buses and metros of all the major cities in switzerland. But it does not include the special panoramic or mountain trains. The swiss pass is only issued to non residents of Switzerland or Liechtenstein. The swiss pass is passport specific and hence, is non negotiable.

The Swiss Travel Pass price list at present is as follows:

1sr  Class                            3 days                  4 days              8 days                15 days
Adults                         CHF 336.00        CHF 402.00      CHF 581.00      CHF 704.00
Youth 16 – <26         CHF 286.00       CHF 342.00       CHF 494.00     CHF 598.00
Children 6 – <16      CHF 168.00        CHF 201.00       CHF 290.50      CHF 352.00

2nd  Class                         3 days                   4 days               8 days                15 days
Adults                         CHF 210.00          CHF 251.00         CHF 363.00       CHF 440.00
Youth 16 – <26         CHF 179.00          CHF 213.00         CHF 309.00       CHF 374.00
children 6 – <16       CHF 105.00          CHF 125.50         CHF 181.50         CHF 220.00

Apart from the free travel Swiss travel pass has the following benefits :
1. you can avail 50% discount on most of the mountain railways (panoramic trains) and cable cars.
2. With the Swiss Travel Pass you can get free entry in over 450 museums and exhibitions in Switzerland.

Recently I had gone on a short trip to Switzerland with my husband. And we saved a lot of money by taking a Swiss Travel Pass.

We stayed in Lucerene (Luzern). From there we went everyday to all the places . We did the following journeys in Switzerland:

Day 1: From Basel Airport to Luzern (Bus + Train)
Day 2: From Luzern to Mount Titlis (Train + Bus)
Day 3 : From Luzern to Jungfrau (Train)
Day 4 : From Luzern to Rhine Falls (Train)                                                                                         Day 5 : From Luzern to Blausee (Train+Bus)                                                                                      Day 6 : From Luzern to Basel Airport (Train+ Bus)

Apart from this we traveled within Luzern in trams and buses everyday.

Apart form the free travel we also got the following benefits:
1. The cable car fare and entry at Mount Titles was reduced to half.
2. Also , we had to pay only half fare for the panoramic train from Lausanne to Jungfrau.

Because Swiss pass is not available for 6 days, we had taken a 8 day pass for 2nd class. Two 8 days passes had costed us 726 CHF.
When I compared the prices without the Swiss pass, I found out that we had saved around 250 CHF (Swiss Franks) .
This is a huge amount for anybody who dosen’t earn in Euro, GBP, USD or CHF.

Had our stay been longer we would have saved more bucks on travel atleast :-).

zzzisle · September 24, 2016 at 8:08 am

The half fare card is a good option too.

Ashik T M · September 24, 2016 at 11:05 am

Thanks for the info.switzlerland is in my bucket list and I will plan it sooner with my better half if God permits.cheers!

    Prajakta · September 24, 2016 at 12:34 pm

    All the best with your planning ☺

parijat shukla · October 20, 2016 at 1:38 am

very practical and useful info. thanks.

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