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The very idea of going on a vacation is so exciting. But the process of planning a vacation is as tedious as it can be.

Of course there are holiday packages to make our life easier, but now a days we all want to be explorers and plan our holidays ourself. We don’t want to just see places. We want to have experiences for a lifetime.

The whole planning process starts like this…

So now already a fortnight is gone before all the family members do their individual researches and unanimously decide on a destination. Yay!! one hurdle is crossed.

But what about our basic human natures. We are super excited. We want to see this also and that also. In short we want to see everything, but we only have so much time. So with a heavy heart we drop a few things from our wish list. And we arrive on a plan , which we think will work out.

While working out the budget and planning the finances for the trip, the feeling of owning a bank or a treasure grows ever so strong. If luck is on our side, our wish list remains intact. Otherwise, it shortens further.

Then we apply for leaves at our workplace, and after approval we proceed with bookings and stuff. Man!!! this is all so time-consuming.

We are at our best while planning a vacation. we consider all the minute details and become such good planners. The amount of study and research we invest for planning a vacation is huge. I wonder where would we all be if we put in half as much efforts in real life.

In spite of all the trouble we still do it. Because everybody loves a vacation.

The whole planning process becomes so tedious that the excitement sometimes dies away. It resurfaces again only when the time of travel is near or on the day of travel.
It is during this process that I wish for more than anything that the magical world of Harry Potter was existent with the ‘Apparition Spell’ in it.

Sudhir Chauhan · September 19, 2016 at 10:37 am

I always enjoy this process….. it is exciting….. and the process makes us aware of lot many places, routes, food etc….. nice article….

    Prajakta · September 19, 2016 at 8:55 pm

    I don’t enjoy it because it requires a lot of patience and I am a big short on it

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