Curly Hair Troubles

Yesterday I washed my hair. After I was done, bringing them to a bearable point (i.e drying them, combing them, flattening them.. all this without any appliances or products), I realised that more than 2 hours were gone. Two hours just for handling your own hair. Phew!!! That’s too much. Read more…

By Prajakta Pendharkar, ago

Half Empty or Half Full

Half empty or half full is an important question Which helps us¬†decide How we chose to live our lives Be positive, be optimistic, is what everybody suggests And without thinking much we follow in the footsteps But shouldn’t this positivity come from inside Because it is where the Almighty resides Read more…

By Prajakta Pendharkar, ago


Got this notification two days back. Yipeee!! Another benchmark reached. These milestones not only make me happy but act as motivational factors and push me to write more and more and improve further. It feels great when your work is appreciated by your fellow friends and readers. Thanks you to Read more…

By Prajakta, ago
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