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Roasted Vegetables

A perfect meal  when you do not want to spend too much  time in the kitchen. Preparation time is the  time required only in washing , peeling and cutting the vegetables and adding the spices. Rest of the work is done by the oven. Though it is just some veggies Read more…


Bear and please do not forget

Hello friends…. I hope you all are doing well. I am busy as hell for the next few days and would be doing only the quotes/award nomination posts as they require less time… Until then bear with me and do not forget me…. Happy blogging !!!!!! The World of Books


As America Decided

When it all started last year, nobody could have anticipated the result that we had on 8th November 2016. Early last year, it was all about Jeb bush and Hillary Clinton, but what came out, was by far unexpected. I was eagerly waiting for the day when US citizens would Read more…


Misery Oh Misery

Misery oh Misery Why are you so strange When I am alone with you I am unhappy But with other company and you I don’t feel that bad I rejoice the fact That I am not alone And you have befallen on many Misery oh misery The World of Books