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It is one amongst the fine works of Ken Follett. The novel was first published in 2007.
But I read it now.. so now here comes my review….

The plot is set up in the fictional town of Kingsbridge in the fourteenth century. The story revolves around Caris, Merhin, Gwenda and Ralph. Their paths first crossed in an innocent and harmless hideout game which turned into a site for fight and bloodshed.

They make a vow not to tell this to anybody. These four are thriving to move ahead in their lives and forget the mishap. There paths cross on several occasions as friends, lovers, accomplices, plotters and enemies.

The whole plot of the story transcends the time from the year 1327 till 1361.
The story has everything one can ask for in a book placed in that era. It has monks and nuns and the church. There is dominance of the church and it’s conservatism along with constant feud between the monks and nuns and between the priory and the people of Kingsbridge. It has the meanness of the Lords and the King.

There is war, poverty, famine, misfortune, endless misery, struggle. The lives of all the people of Kingsbridge are shuffling between family, friends, love, romance, lust, politics, sickness, loss, death and the ultimate yearning of survival.

A lot of emphasis is lain on how buildings and bridges were constructed back then and it is fun to read if you are good at visualisation. The story is engaging through and through. The author has kept the individuality of the characters throughout and has yet woven a beautiful plot to link them.

For me I loved the politics and it’s execution in the whole plot. Though its lengthy but it’s a good read all in all. After all who doesn’t love spice in their books 🙂

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