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A friend of mine is involved in providing shelter for rescued dogs. A conversation just started about how does it work. My friend explained that first they keep the dogs at their place till they find another home for the dog. Then I asked her “When you keep the dogs , they get attached to you. So how do they manage to adapt in a totally different home?” My friend replied “These dogs had been abused previously. So now they easily adapt in any place where they find love.”

It was a simple and logical answer but something about it touched my soul but it also pricked my heart. I thought “even animals understand the language of love. What has happened to us humans?”

Humans are considered to be the most evolved species on the planet. We can talk, we have extraordinary brains, we can feel, we have quite some life span, we can think, we can do numerous things which other species cannot do. In short we are superior. But we are not different either. We also posses a heart like other species.

But where has the love gone? Where has the humanity gone?

Our superiority gives us multiple advantages but it does not give us the right to snatch the independence of others , to cause violence and to inflict pain.

We kill and abuse animals for pleasure; we rob others under the label of poverty, unemployment and need; we commit rapes under the pretence of sexual needs ,revenge, dominance, we murder under the name of revenge,self-defense; we fight and cause large-scale violence in the name of terrorism and war; we exploit mother for our own personal benefits.

All creatures breathe the same air, drink the same water live on the same planet. Then how did we become demons??? God did not enable evolution to initiate disaster. We were not awarded with brains and the ability to think, to cause havoc on our planet. But what have we turned into?? We have become vicious demons who rule the planet.

The word “humanity” is coined from the word human. Its dictionary meaning is –
(1) The state of being a person, rather than God, an animal or a machine
(2) The quality of being kind to people and animals by making sure that they do not suffer more than is necessary.

But it seems that we have lost our core. We have become worst than animals. We have become so selfish and self-centered that we have forgotten that peaceful life is not just a life span but a balance of numerous elements . It is the coexistence of all forms of life together in a harmony.

With the darkness of our acts surrounding us, it becomes difficult to envision a bright future ahead for us . I guess this is what happens when humans no more remain humane.


0 thoughts on “Where has Humanity Gone ???”

Akhila · February 7, 2017 at 11:06 am

In near future, you can see it as lost belief in our system

Marie Christine · February 14, 2017 at 10:19 pm

Great blog! “Followed” you. Looking forward to future posts. -Marie aka

    Prajakta · February 18, 2017 at 9:51 am

    Thanks a lot for following my blog 😊😊. Would love to read your blog 😊

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