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Hola Barca !!!!

I had visited Barcelona in December 2016 with my husband. My husband and I were initially very skeptical about how many days to spend in Barcelona. We got a lot of different opinions from different people. So we decided on a 4 nights stay in Barcelona. Effectively we were in Barcelona for about three and a half days.

We landed in Barcelona at about 1:00 PM on Day 1. We were welcomed by the comparatively warmer climate as compared to Prague. It was a wonderful feeling seeing the sun again.

First thing that we did was we bought the 4 day travel card at the Metro Station at the Barcelona Airport. The travel card is cheaper as compared to other travel passes.
After reaching our Airbnb accommodation and resting for a while we headed out to explore the city.

L’Aquarium Barcelona

Our first destination was the L’Aquarium Barcelona. Usually tourists who have kids go to see the aquarium. My husband and I ,both are interested in seeing wildlife (either free or captive), So we went there anyways. The main attraction for us was seeing the sharks and the penguins. We had never seen so many sharks at once and it was the first time ever that we were seeing penguins outside the TV.

Adventure Alert: For all those adventurous people out there, there is a facility of walking underwater with sharks. Of course you will be inside the cage. It is I guess a one hour tour preceded by a training.

Walk around Port Vell

As the name suggests Port Vell is a harbour in Barcelona. It is a part of Port of Barcelona. As the aquarium is situated in Port Vell itself, after seeing the acquarium we decided to take a walk around Port Vell. The view of the ships docked in the harbour in the backdrop of the amazing blue color of the Balearic Sea. Simply Wow!!!! The place is very beautiful and it looks even better during the night. The combination of the lights and the palm trees on the street is just amazing. I was lost in the beauty of the place.
For all those who are interested in ships; there is also a maritime museum at Port Vell.



Font Magica de Montjuic

After taking a stroll in the wonderful Port Vell we reached the nearest Metro Station and took a metro to reach Font Magica de Montjuic. It is the best musical fountain I have seen till date. The best part is, that it is free of cost. It’s a must see if you are visiting Barcelona. The only thing is that the show is not a daily event; so you need to check the timings before going for the show.

After spending about an hour at the Fountain, we concluded the day because it was getting chilly and we did not have enough warm clothes on us.

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