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In the month of December 2016; my husband and I had been on a three and a half days trip to Barcelona.

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Day 2 in Barcelona

After concluded Day 2 with a hearty Tapas meal ; we started Day 3 quite enthusiastically. But it was also the most hectic for us.

La Sagrada Familia

We started out with visiting the La Sagrada Familia. First look at Sagrada Familia and I was mesmerised. It is a basilica. The meaning of its name is “the Holy Family”. For more details on Sagrada Familia click here: Gaudi’s Barcelona

It was very difficult for both of us to say goodbye to Sagrada Familia and move to our next destination.

sagrada familia

Casa Batllo

Next we saw a signature Gaudi creation Casa Batllo. It is a beautiful residential house which was constructed by Gaudi for a wealthy family. Now it is open to public. Inside Casa Batllo, it felt as if there was an explosion of colours. Everything was so vibrant. For more information on Casa Battlo click here: Gaudi’s Barcelona.

Barcelona Cathedral

After Casa Batllo we went to the famous cathedral of Barcelona. It was the first catholic cathedral I ever visited. Before, I had only heard of the catholic grandeur, but visiting the same was a much more exemplary affair. I had never seen anything so grand before. The cathedral is an amazing piece of Architecture. There is also a facility to visit the cathedral terrace. The views are amazing from the top.

As it was Christmas time we also had the opportunity of seeing the christmas markets. There was a christmas market just outside the cathedral campus. The beautiful wreaths, mistletoe , nativity scenes, other christmas tree decorations; I could literally imagine; how the people of Barcelona might be decorating their christmas trees.

La Rambla

After our Cathedral visit we headed towards La Rambla. La Rambla is a famous street in Barcelona. If you love shopping then this is the place to be. It’s the ultimate shopping destination for tourists. You will probably find alomst all the brands on the street. Apart from big labels one can also find local shops and small tourist kiosks for shopping.

As the day was already very tiring; we did not venture any more and concluded the day after La Rambla

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