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When you are in love, you want to give the whole world to your partner. You want to shower your love with all the romantic things you can manage. Buying expensive gifts is not the only measure for showing love. There are a lot of romantic things, which can be done and which are pocket-friendly.

The best part about doing something or making something for your special one is that it shows the effort taken. Anyone having the resources can buy expensive gifts for their partners. But there are only a few who invest their time and efforts in doing something special for their partners all by themselves. These small things make a relationship more meaningful and create wonderful memories.

It’s been over four and a half years I have known my man. We hardly buy gifts for one another. Well, he does shower gifts sometimes . But I prefer in doing or making things for him myself. And I love the expression on his face when he receives those surprises.

It’s basically about taking that extra effort for the love of your life.

Here are some ideas for romantic things that you can do for your Special One:

1.Surprise them with flowers: It need not be a special occasion. A bouquet of your love’s favorite flowers does wonders just like that. It just shows your sweetheart that you think about them all the time.


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2. Send romantic messages: Imagine you are having a hectic day at work, and nothing is going right. Suddenly you get a romantic message from your love and you light up. This is the effect of unexpected love gestures.

3. Cook their favorite food: Food is a very important language in itself. Be it a special day, or a bad day, or a prolonged fight, favorite food always does miracles. You can even spike it up a little bit by doing a candle light dinner. It’s cliché, yes, but it is a timeless trick.

4. Stick romantic notes throughout your home: This is a good idea for special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. It keeps the mood of the occasion alive all day. It shows how you feel about your partner and you are willing to do anything to make them happy.


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5. Paint a coffee/ tea mug for your partner: If your partner literally survives on tea/coffee, a hand painted mug is a very apt gift. Every time they have a drink in that mug, they will be reminded of you.

hand painted mug

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6. Write a song or poem: If you have that creative side to you, do write a poem or a song for your partner. It makes them feel very special. They say that love makes a person poetic, why not actually try it out.

7. Decorate your home: If you are a messy person like me then even cleaning the house properly does wonders 😉 Jokes apart, try decorating your home as per your partner’s choice. After all, home is the place where couples spend the majority of their time together and build memories.

8. Get a tattoo of his/her name: Well, it’s not exactly cheap, but it’s very intimate. Bearing all that pain to show your loved one that you belong to them is something so emotional and passionate.

9. Create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom: Sometimes we get so engrossed in our routines that we hardly get time for our loved ones. That is the time to spice up the romance in your lives. Light candles, play soothing music and get lost in those moments…

10. Gift an exploding box: It’s a very trending DIY gift that you can make for the love of your special someone. You can fill the box with memories, pictures, things that matter. It’s a gift to be cherished for a lifetime.


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11. Paint a T-shirt for you partner: I can totally see my man wearing a t-shirt which I painted for him almost all the time. But unfortunately, I don’t have that creative streak in me. But it’s a really good idea. You can even do couple t-shirts.


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12. Make your own love book: Every couple has a love story. Why not make your own book to woo your special someone. It’s one amongst the most romantic things you can do for them. You can actually and fully tell how you feel about them through your story.


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13. Take interest in your partner’s hobbies: Nowadays there is only so little time left for couples to spend together. So why not take interest in your partner’s hobbies. You will have one more thing to do together as a couple.

14. Surprise your special one: It need not be expensive. Drop at your partner’s workplace without informing and have a lunch date, plan a random date mid-week, dress up the way you partner likes you and the list can be endless.

These are just some suggestions which everyone can consider. But ultimately it’s you who knows your Special One the best

So just go out there and keep making efforts to woo the love of your life.

After all, what is life without love happiness and passion?


Selena · July 19, 2017 at 5:15 pm

the only one that may not be a personal preference is tattooing their name on you. that always seems to end badly lol

Christa · July 19, 2017 at 7:29 pm

I have actually done some of these things…sometimes it’s the little things we do that mean the most! Great ideas!!

Mike Leonard · July 19, 2017 at 10:44 pm

Did the flowers for “no reason” today and worked out well (as always lol)! Great list!

    Prajakta Pendharkar · July 20, 2017 at 10:24 am

    thank you so much for reading the post. The flowers work for me too everytime 🙂

LAURA · July 19, 2017 at 11:06 pm

Loving the “love book” idea, and I am so doing the notes around the house tonight! Thanks!

    Prajakta Pendharkar · July 20, 2017 at 10:25 am

    Thank you so much for reading the post. I have tried all these things except the tattoo, because I am not a tattoo person. All these things really change the mood..

Ankita · November 5, 2017 at 5:37 am

Loved it Prajakta… 😍😍 i did some of these things and that worked.. And will definitely try other ones also…

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