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Shravan (Savan) the fifth month according to Hindu (Solar) calendar marks the beginning of festivals in India. Festivals like Teej, Rakhi (Raksha Bandhan), Janmashtami; all fall in the Shravan month. While the majority of the festivals are dedicated to worshiping the Gods or praying for the long life of one’s husband and kids, Rakhi/Raksha Bandhan is the festival which celebrates the special bond between a brother and a sister.

Story and Rituals of Rakhi/Raksha Bandhan

On the day of Rakshabandhan (a knot of protection), a sister ties a thread known as Rakhi on her brother’s wrist. This Rakhi is meant to be a protection charm for the brother. The brother, in turn, promises to keep his sister safe at all times.
A lot many legends are associated with the history and the story of Rakhi. But the most popular once are those of Goddess Laxmi and King Bali and Sri Krishna and Draupadi.

a sister tying rakhi on a brother's wrist

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Rakhi in Today’s times

In today’s time, the day of Rakshabandhan is marked by a full day celebration where all the brothers and sisters including cousins get together. The sisters tie Rakhi on the wrists of all brothers and apply Tilak on their brother’ forehead. The ritual is then concluded with sweets, gifts and a full family celebration.
The preparation of Rakhi starts weeks before the actual date. Sisters start shopping for beautiful Rakhi designs. They buy new dresses for the occasion and also buy gifts for the brothers. If the brothers are not around, sisters courier the Rakhi to the brother’s postal address well in advance, so that it reaches him in time. The brothers, on the other hand, start hunting for gifts for their sisters.

Exchanging gifts on the day of Rakshabandhan has become a very popular and common ritual nowadays. Every year new gift trends storm the market place. This year also it’s the same. Gifts like clothes, watches, accessories, jewelry and shopping vouchers are very common.

Why not try something new this Rakhi. Nowadays a variety of gifts customized especially for Rakshabandhan are available in the market. And we all know that customized gifts are a perfect way to add that just special touch.

Here’s a small list of Rakhi Gifts that siblings can exchange with one another:

1. Rakhi Special Printed Cushions

Rakhi Special Cusions

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This is a neutral gift. Both brothers and sisters can give it to one another. Cushions as a gift are an ideal choice. These cushions are a nice Rakshabandhan gift to flaunt in front of your friends. These cushions show how much your sibling(s) care for you. Just hugging the cushion gifted by your brother/sister will remind you of the special bond you share with your sibling. Here are a few options of Rakhi Special Printed Cushions:
Neutral Rakhi Special Cushion for Siblings
Cushion and Mug Combo for Brother and Sister

2. Customized Rakhi Mugs:

Rakhi special coffee mug

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Who doesn’t love a customized Mug? And when it is from your evil yet darling sibling it’s all the more special. A Rakhi Mug is a perfect gift for a sibling who simply cannot do without tea or coffee or loves to collect mug. Every time your sibling drinks something in this mug he/she will be reminded of you. Here are a few options of Rakhi Mugs:
Mug for a Brother
Mug for a Sister

3. Rakhi T-shirts

Rakhi T-Shirt

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These are also an amazing gift. These T-shirts also double up as T-shirts with quirky messages and designs. It’s a trendy way of telling the world that you have a sibling. We all keep searching for T-shirts which have some unique and crisp message written all over it. Let us end this search on Rakhi.

4.  Rakhi Special Pen set

Rakhi special pen set

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It’s an ideal gift for a sibling who is very studious. Also, a good option to give to a brother/sister whose exams are approaching. This Rakshabandhan gift not only practical and useful but also gives motivation and assurance to your beloved sibling. Here are a few options of some pen sets.

5. Tea Coasters

For a brother or a sister who is living alone and away from you. It’s a utility item of day to day use. It also gives a sense of being with the family. Even so at first your brother/sister might laugh at you for this gift, but they will be very grateful for this later on. Here are a few coaster options
Coasters for Siblings

6. Rakhi Special Fridge Magnets

Rakhi Special fridge magnets

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Fridge Magnets are like a timeline of memories. Why not create some memories with these fridge magnets this Rakhi. Every time you get something out of the fridge, seeing the magnet you will be reminded of the wonderful time you spend with your brother/sister on the eve of Rakhi. Here are a few Fridge Magnet Options
Combo Magnets for revisiting memories
Togetherness Magnets

7. Chocolate Hampers

Rakhi Chocolate Hamper

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“Kuch Meetha Ho Jaye”. For those special moments, what is better than a chocolate hamper. Everybody loves chocolates. A chocolate hamper is a perfect and evergreen gift to celebrate the sweet bond between a brother and a sister. Even though it’s not a customized gift in particular but I could not help but include it because chocolates make everything special. Here are a few options of Chocolate Hampers.
Assorted Chocolates

8. Picture Frames

Pictures in beautiful frames are a perfect way to make a house home. Gifting your sibling a picture frame or a picture collage with the best moments captured in one frame is a very cherished gift that one can give and receive.Here are a few frame options
The memory frames

Gifts are not a measure of love. They are just a token of that love we have for others. Let’s make this Rakhi even more special with exchanging these occasions suited tokens on love.

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