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For frequent flyers, traveling is not only about seeing places. Nowadays a Travel is a social statement and we need to be on top of our fashion game.  Airports nowadays have become a hub for latest fashion trends. What one needs is a flight journey to get a hang of all the present day sassy trends. Travel fashion blankets not only clothes and accessories but luggage fashion and trends as well. Hence, we need to keep an eye out for the trends of best carry on luggage for frequent flyers

Why do you need the Best Carry On Luggage?

Trendy travel luggage is a big thing in travel fashion now. And especially when it comes to air-travel one needs to invest. Even though good quality luggage is not always very cheap but it is worth the investment.

Do you ever look out for the different types of carry on luggage items that flyers carry with them on airports?
Do you make a mental note to check out a piece of luggage that you saw at the airport?
Do you keep looking out for a chic looking handbag, backpack or a cabin baggage for travel?
Then, my friend, you will agree with me that “Trendy and fashionable” are the words that should best describe carry on luggage for frequent flyers.

So here are 8 Best Carry On Luggage  for Frequent Flyers

1. Purse

While traveling the safest option, in my opinion, is carrying a sturdy crossbody purse/handbag. it is easy to carry. Sling it sideways and it also becomes a party bag. The second best option is a tote bag. A tote bag is an evergreen fashion alternative. Many renowned brands offer a huge variety of both these categories. One can also find low to medium range options for these bags online. But for travel purposes, it’s better to buy a handbag from a label like Bagail.com which specializes in travel luggage.

types of carry on luggage

Fashionable Handbag from Bagail.com

2. Duffle Bag

If you have some muscle in you then duffle bag is your go-to hand luggage. Duffle bags come in many different materials. Duffle bags made from synthetic material might be lightweight but nothing else beats a classic leather duffle bag. For me, a leather duffle bag is an ultimate fashion statement and an investment worth all the money spent. Rolling duffle bags are also a good and convenient option.

types of carry on luggage

Duffle Bag from Bagail.com

3. Clear Tote Bag

Want to save some time during security checks at the airport. Keep all your cosmetics and other important belongings in this sporty and trendy  Clear Tote Bag from Bagail.com. This bag not only ensures quick hassle free security checks but is also fit to be used for multiple purposes – like a crossbody bag or a bag to store away clean and dry clothes during travel; a cosmetic bag or jewelry bag and what not. It also comes in handy in places like NFL matches where you have to carry a transparent bag compulsorily

types of carry on luggage

Clear Tote Bag from Bagail.com

4. Laptop Bag

If you can, ditch the standard laptop bags. Try out some colorful canvas or denim backpacks for casual travel. If you are on a business trip then a vintage leather rucksack or a leather laptop back really complements the formal look. Even a canvas or leather messenger bag is an ideal option as it can go well with both casual and formal look. Otherwise, you can also use the rolling laptop bags. Personally, I am not a big fan of rolling laptop bags but these bags are handy for easy transits between airports.

types of travel luggage


5. Camera bag

If your camera has come with a nice sturdy waterproof case then it’s a good option but it is boring. Try out the ample variety of vintage looking specially compartmentalized camera bags. These weather-resistant backs are a must investment to keep your camera gear intact and it goes without saying that they are better looking than our camera bags that came with our camera.

types of carry on luggage

Image Source 

6. Suitcase

Tens and hundreds of suitcase varieties are available in the market today. And the best part is that anything apart from our routine suitcases is fashionable. From simple rolling suitcases to designer suitcases, travel luggage brands have a lot to offer. Starting from beautiful and colorful prints on different materials to beautifully designed scratch resistant bags or the ultimate vintage bags, there is no limit to suitcase fashion. A huge variety of suitcases are available in all budgets and that is the best part.

types of carry on luggage

Image Source

7. Small sling purse

Ideal for keeping your passport and other travel documents handy. It’s better to use a small sling purse so you don’t have to ruffle through your bigger purse/handbag. A pretty sling purse also doubles up as a party purse while traveling. The smaller sling can easily fit into the bigger handbag once its purpose is served. It’s also the most suitable option while site-seeing during your travels.

sling bag

Image Source

8. Backpack/ Rucksack

All being said about travel fashion nothing I mean literally nothing can beat the comfort of a rustic backpack. Earlier backpacks used to come in only a few colors and those were kind of boring. But now things are different. Amazing designs are available in backpacks. For those having shoulder problems even rolling backpacks are available in great designs. How cool is that !!!

types of carry on luggage

Image Source

A lot of experimentation can be done when it comes to travel luggage. But the aforementioned list is the evergreen list of best carry on luggage for frequent flyers






Glady Anne · November 1, 2017 at 10:27 pm

I’m a backpack person myself! With my carry on roller + my backpack I can go anywhere!

    Prajakta Pendharkar · November 3, 2017 at 1:09 pm

    That’s my preferred option too, but I really love a leather duffle bag as well 🙂

Mia · November 4, 2017 at 1:39 pm

If you’re a fan of suitcase carry-ons, I highly recommend checking out Everlane! The NYC brand has built the best feature into their carry-ons…

Here’s my blog post about the carry-on I bought: http://bit.ly/2uCKyhR

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