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मैं यहाँ तू वहाँ (Main Yahan Tu Vahan)

उन लम्हों का रहता है इंतज़ार जब हम होंगे एक दुसरे के पास सिमट के रह जाएगी दुनिया उन हसीन पलों में भूल जायेंगे हम हकीक़त उन लम्हों में ज़िन्दगी ने हमे किया है मजबूर रहना पड़ रहा है एक दूजे से दूर हँसते खेलते यह चुनौती भी पार हो Read more…


You and Me

The first time I met you I was attracted to you A force pushed me To know more about you Whenever our eyes met I knew I was blushing But seeing you like me I knew we had something Soon we started talking And became good friends And as time Read more…


Short Story #1

Priya reached early to the airport to receive her husband. While waiting for the flight’s arrival she started thinking about her life, her marriage and her kids. She saw that people had started coming out and knew that her husband’s flight had landed. She started searching for her husband in Read more…